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  1    Neutral    Santa Claus   -   Stats

Santa Claus
The wonderful world of Santa Claus, with a lot of christmas games, ecards, an advent calendar, christmas stories, downloadable goodies, and so much christmas surprises...
This Week 685   Average 1011.5
Category Kids   Rating 4/5

  2    Neutral    North Pole Arcade   -   Stats

North Pole Arcade
Awesome online Christmas game and movie arcade! Play free! Rate our games, and add our christmas games to your website or blog!
This Week 676   Average 1123.7
Category General   Rating 4/5

  3    Neutral    Christmas Webmaster   -   Stats

Christmas Webmaster
Free content for Christmas websites! Christmas Webmaster, established in 2006 by a total Christmas and web design junkie, is the only resource of it’s kind on the internet, dedicated to one subject only: Christmas for webmasters.
This Week 88   Average 93.4
Category General   Rating 4/5

  4    Neutral    Talk Christmas   -   Stats

Talk Christmas
A fun loving community of Christmas friends! Stop by and join the chatter about anything related to Christmas.
This Week 49   Average 87.1
Category Forum   Rating 4/5

  5    Neutral    Christmas Songs   -   Stats

Christmas Songs
A very fine collection of Christmas songs
This Week 40   Average 44.5
Category General   Rating 4/5

Fun and festive Christmas Cards. The Christmas season is an exciting time for everyone but most especially your young children. Their excitement is captured and treasured always on Christmas Photo Cards.

  6    Neutral    The Customs of Christmas   -   Stats

The Customs of Christmas is a family-friendly site exploring the origins of many of our Christmas customs and traditions.
This Week 37   Average 31.6
Category Clipart   Rating 4/5

  7    Neutral    Christmas Songs Radio   -   Stats

Christmas Songs Radio
The Magic of Christmas
This Week 36   Average 48.2
Category Santa Claus   Rating 4/5

  8    Neutral    Christmas Arcade Games   -   Stats

Christmas Arcade Games
Play Free Online Christmas Arcade Games
This Week 32   Average 49.1
Category General   Rating 3/5

  9    Neutral    New Christmas Music   -   Stats

New Christmas Music
Original and Traditional Christmas songs, instrumental music, and plays.
This Week 31   Average 40.8
Category Music   Rating 3/5

  10    Up    Christmas List   -   Stats

Christmas List
Top sites list for Christmas sites - join free!
This Week 28   Average 175.8
Category General   Rating 5/5

  11    Down    Christmas Top 50   -   Stats

Christmas Top 50
A great Christmas topsites!
This Week 28   Average 61
Category General   Rating 3/5

  12    Up    Christmas Flick   -   Stats

Christmas Flick
Christmas just isn't Christmas, without our favorite Christmas Movies, TV specials and animated shows that we've come to know and love, and enjoy watching each Christmas season.
This Week 19   Average 19.7
Category General   Rating 4/5

  13    Down    A Classical Guitar Christmas   -   Stats

A Classical Guitar Christmas
A Classical Guitar Christmas features a collection of traditional Christmas music performed by solo guitar, two guitars, and guitar with chorus — an enjoyable treat for the entire family. A Classical Guitar Christmas will instantly add an intimate warmt
This Week 19   Average 17.3
Category Music   Rating 3/5

  14    Up    Funny Christmas Pictures   -   Stats

Funny Christmas Pictures
Features funny and bizarre Christmas and holiday pictures from around the world.
This Week 16   Average 16.9
Category General   Rating 3/5

  15    Down    Christmas Banner exchange   -   Stats

Christmas Banner exchange
Banner exchange between Christmas websites
This Week 16   Average 12.3
Category Clipart   Rating 3/5

  16    Down    The Christmas Adventure   -   Stats

The Christmas Adventure
A computer animated, light and sound show. Currently located in Talllahassee, Florida; this is one spectacle to see! This site is also home to the Light-O-Rama newbie guide.
This Week 15   Average 15.3
Category General   Rating 4/5

  17    Up    Christmas Facts   -   Stats

Christmas Facts
Interesting and amusing facts about the Christmas holiday.
This Week 13   Average 8.8
Category General   Rating 4/5

  18    Down    Jinglebell Junction   -   Stats

Jinglebell Junction
The merriest Christmas site on the web! Features free Christmas downloads!
This Week 12   Average 22.3
Category Downloads   Rating 4/5

  19    Up    Eggnogaholic -- Crazy about EGGNOG!   -   Stats

Eggnogaholic -- Crazy about EGGNOG!
Your one stop source for ALL things Eggnog! Eggnog recipes!!!!
This Week 11   Average 14.9
Category Food & Drink   Rating 4/5

  20    Up    Christmas In New York   -   Stats

Christmas In New York
A showcase of the famous store windows and sights of New York City at Christmas time.
This Week 10   Average 15.3
Category General   Rating 3/5

  21    Down    Christmas Games   -   Stats

Christmas Games
Features a collection of fun Christmas games playable online.
This Week 9   Average 11
Category Kids   Rating 3/5

  22    Down    Christmas Sites Directory   -   Stats

Christmas Sites Directory
A new Web directory for Christmas sites.
This Week 9   Average 14.5
Category General   Rating 3/5

  23    Up    Christmas Forum Fare   -   Stats

Christmas Forum Fare
We have a collection of totally FREE Christmas Avatars and FREE Christmas Smileys for you!
This Week 8   Average 9.3
Category Downloads   Rating 3/5

  24    Up    Christmas Graffiti FREE Christmas Fonts & Dingbats   -   Stats

Christmas Graffiti FREE Christmas Fonts & Dingbats
Over 60 Christmassy fonts and dingbats!
This Week 7   Average 6
Category General   Rating 3/5

  25    Up    Why Christmas?   -   Stats

Why Christmas?
whychristmas?com is one of the largest Christmas information sites on the web and answers your Christmas questions!
This Week 7   Average 5
Category General   Rating 4/5

  26    Down    The Christmas Network   -   Stats

The Christmas Network
The Christmas Network offers custom Christmas web site design, Santa Claus website design services, custom Christmas graphics, custom Christmas themed print design and more!
This Week 7   Average 7.1
Category General   Rating 3/5

  27    Down    Christmas site from Denmark   -   Stats

Christmas site from Denmark
A Christmas site from Denmark with over 1,000 Christmas animations and backgrounds, screensavers, Christmas games, videos, and more. There is an option to view the site in English and other languages. Join the Christmas toplist.
This Week 6   Average 1.9
Category Clipart   Rating 3/5

  28    Up    Elf HQ -- Christmas Games   -   Stats

Elf HQ -- Christmas Games
your headquarters for Christmas games and fun! We have a huge selection of free Christmas games for you to play! Tons of Christmas fun for kids of all ages!
This Week 5   Average 7.4
Category Kids   Rating 3/5

  29    Down    Christmas Gifs   -   Stats

Christmas Gifs
Many animated Christmas and dividers to beautify your site ... It's not all!
This Week 4   Average 6
Category Clipart   Rating 4/5

  30    Neutral    Christmas on your Mobile   -   Stats

Christmas on your Mobile
The wonderful world of Santa Claus, with a lot of christmas games, ecards, an advent calendar, christmas stories, downloadable goodies, and so much christmas surprises...
This Week 3   Average 3.4
Category Downloads   Rating 4/5

  31    Neutral    MILLE AND SOEREN`S HOMEPAGE - CHRISTMAS   -   Stats

Christmas/New year, Clipart, Music files, Christmas-Lucas Capter 2.1 - 20, and more. (take a look)
This Week 3   Average 6.7
Category Clipart   Rating 3/5

  32    Neutral    Christmas E-cards   -   Stats

Christmas E-cards
Customize and send your Christmas e-card: it's FREE!
This Week 2   Average 4.8
Category General   Rating 3/5

  33    Neutral    Christmas IncrediMail & Email Signatures   -   Stats

Christmas IncrediMail & Email Signatures
Fantastic selection of Christian, Christmas & Winter IncrediMail Email Stationery. Animated Email Signatures, Banner Ad Design for web & more. Custom Graphic Design work available.
This Week 2   Average 29.9
Category General   Rating 4/5

  34    Neutral    Christmas Tales   -   Stats

Christmas Tales
Christmas tales and Traditions
This Week 1   Average 3
Category General   Rating 5/5

  35    Neutral    NY Christmas Gifts   -   Stats

NY Christmas Gifts
NYChristmasGifts offer unique collections of Holiday Cards, Christmas Ornaments, Art Giclee Prints with New York pictures. Free services - New York E-Cards and on-line Jigsaw Puzzles, suitable for kids. Check it Out!
This Week 1   Average 52.4
Category Shopping   Rating 4/5

  36    Neutral    Christmas Lore   -   Stats

Christmas Lore
A santa website, but working on including Christmas lore stories.
This Week 1   Average 0.5
Category General   Rating 3/5

  37    Neutral    Christmas Linklist   -   Stats

Christmas Linklist
Link List of Christmas sites: join FREE!
This Week 1   Average 1
Category General   Rating 5/5

  38    Neutral    Prairie Creations Ornaments   -   Stats

Prairie Creations Ornaments
Fun and unique holiday quilted ball ornaments for all occasions and holidays.
This Week 1   Average 0.2
Category Shopping   Rating 3/5

  39    Neutral    Santa Letter   -   Stats

Santa Letter
helps you send and receive letters to santa, play Christmas games, have fun with Christmas Jokes, Postcards, Carols, and much more!
This Week 1   Average 0.5
Category General   Rating 3/5

  40    Neutral    Christmas Radio   -   Stats

Christmas Radio
A great collection of Christmas songs
This Week 0   Average 0
Category General   Rating 3/5

  41    Neutral    Quilted Keepsake Ornaments   -   Stats

Quilted Keepsake Ornaments
Quilted fabric ball ornaments for all holidays, special occasions and events. Personalize your ornament to make it even more unique with photos. A truly wonderful gift for family and friends.
This Week 0   Average 0.5
Category Shopping   Rating 3/5

  42    Neutral    Letters from Santa   -   Stats

Letters from Santa
Genuine Letters from Santa & Nice Certificates Personalized for Your Child. As Seen in Parenting Magazine. Santa Letters Guaranteed to Amaze Your Child!
This Week 0   Average 0
Category Shopping   Rating 3/5

  43    Neutral   -   Stats
One of the UK's largest online Christmas stores offering a range of xmas decorations, Christmas trees and LED Christmas lights all year round. Free delivery.
This Week 0   Average 0
Category Shopping   Rating 3/5

  44    Neutral    J's Magic Christmas Galleries   -   Stats

J's Magic Christmas Galleries
On the net since 1994, we bring you a wealth of free clip art and graphics for every occasion, as well as music, photography, award winning stories and poetry for all ages
This Week 0   Average 0
Category Clipart   Rating 3/5

  45    Neutral    Barbara's Holiday Workshop   -   Stats

Barbara's Holiday Workshop
Personalized Santa Letters for Children
This Week 0   Average 0
Category Santa Claus   Rating 0/5

  46    Neutral    Santas Games   -   Stats

Santas Games
The Games Room of Santa Claus!
This Week 0   Average 2.9
Category General   Rating 4/5

  47    Neutral    Magical Holiday Home   -   Stats

Magical Holiday Home
Celebrating life, family, friends, and holidays is what we do best. Memories that warm the heart and create a beautiful tapestry of life can be captured in so many ways.
This Week 0   Average 0.1
Category General   Rating 3/5

  48    Neutral    KissDesign Christmas Pages   -   Stats

KissDesign Christmas Pages
You'll find here everything you want to celebrate Christmas online : greeting cards, tags, blinkies, dolls, wallpapers, websets, Christmas PSP tubes and a lot of Christmas goodies...
This Week 0   Average 0
Category General   Rating 3/5

  49    Neutral    Pattern Please!   -   Stats

Pattern Please!
Quilted Keepsake Christmas Ornaments for Christmas and all other special occasions. Purchase pattern and kits to learn how to make these beautiful quilted ornaments from fabric and ribbon with NO SEWING REQUIRED!
This Week 0   Average 39.5
Category Shopping   Rating 5/5

  50    Neutral    All Christmas   -   Stats

All Christmas
All Christmas has had a total revamp for 2012 and is packed full of family fun. Stories, Poems, Quotations, Carols, Song Lyrics and much more
This Week 0   Average 0
Category General   Rating 3/5

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